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How a Small Spice Shop got 736 Page Likes in 6 Days (Without Ads)


I’m not gonna lie to you, I’ve been involved in projects where a new (as in *zero* Fans) Facebook Page ends the week with a couple of hundred thousand Likes.It’s actually not that hard. No high-fives are exchanged, I’ll tell you that. You build a campaign that includes the Facebook Page along with dropping .

What three critical elements you need in your workspace to have a great design session?

I love my giant whiteboard because I sketch a lot. It’s magnetic, too! Sketchbooks are nice for internal thinking — and those are important, too — but I work so collaboratively with my team, it would be hard not to be able to share ideas and proposals with them in a clear way. Some design discussions are best just gathered around the whiteboard.

I also always have a camera with me so I can send a photo to someone working remotely, to say, “Hey, is this what you were thinking of?” Not the one on my iPhone, but a “real” camera that is better at adapting to light or size options.

Do you have any creative projects outside of work?

I’m on the slate to be the programming director for the Chicago chapter of the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts), which is pretty rad. I’m also hoping to organize something here in Chicago called HikeCon, an educational conference for designers, which they just had in San Francisco. Then, I really like to eat, so I’m organizing a once-a-month Tacos of Chicago get-together, where we to go to five different taco places in one evening. That should end well!



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